TV Trivia 60s & 70s Double Deck Playing Cards

TV Trivia 60s & 70s Double Deck Playing Cards

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Where's the remote? Remember those Saturday morning cartoons with animated animal characters for the most part in their roles as heroes and villains? And TV shows, many depicting strange and wacky family behavior or action packed episodes full of death defying exploits. Come and relive the memories with our TV Trivia Playing Cards. Featured in TV Times were...

The Flintstones which ran on ABC from 1960-66. The show featured hardworking Fred Flintstone, wife Wilma, pet dinosaur Dino and neighbors Barnie and Betty Rubble. Later episodes introduced Pebbles Flintstone and the Rubble's adopted son Bamm-Bamm. The show was the first prime time animated series geared for adults and was ABC's first series to be televised in color. Set in the town of Bedrock during the Stone Age, the cartoon featured Fred's 'Yabba Dabba Doo' and the show's theme song, 'Meet the Flintstones' sung during the show's opening and closing credits.

Also, remember this tv show...

Hogan's Heroes premiered on September 17, 1965 and lasted until April 4, 1971. Set in a prisoner of war camp in Germany during WWII the show focuses on the exploits of 5 main prisoners, including Hogan, who runs a Resistance group in the camp. They regularly visit the nearby town through numerous tunnels facilitated by their incompetent captors lead by Kommandant Klink and Sergeant Schultz who are in constant fear of being sent to the Russian Front. Schultz invariably finds evidence of plans in the making and can be heard uttering his constant catchphrase, 'I know nothing! Nothing!' as he looks the other way.

This double deck of TV Trivia Playing Cards features 108 interesting stories and background information about your favorite TV shows whether you caught them when they originally aired or in reruns throughout the years.

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